The Boxing Frog story

Truthfully, the idea for Boxing Frog came from a depressing, drunken night out at a piano bar.  Little did I know, one year later, I would be celebrating the victory of getting through my first year in business. 

One year ago, I had a very cushy marketing job that I kinda hated.  I stayed on and even thought that I would climb my way up the ladder and decided to take advantage of the MBA tuition reimbursement program offered.  I was thinking I would nail my GMAT, kill it in grad school and continue to move up the company ladder to somewhere that made me happy.  I studied all Summer for a GMAT test I thoroughly flunked.  I was so defeated when I saw my final score in real time.  In that moment nothing changed but at the same time, everything changed.  I thought that if I wasn’t happy, learning, growing and progressing in my current job then what the hell was I doing?

In an attempt to make me feel better I was taken to a piano bar to sing my cares away and have a few (too many) drinks.  At the end of the night I was complaining about the test and my family told me “you can take it again.”  I burst into tears.  Why would I take it again?  Why would I work so hard for somebody that made me miserable?  Why would I want to work for someone else when I could do what I was doing just for me? Boxing Frog Marketing was born.

I met my first client off of Craigslist (now I use LinkedIn and Thumbtack resources to keep me busy!) after changing my ad copy 100 times.  The solo business owner and I talked over coffee as I tried to ask questions I thought would help me to help her.  My process has changed a lot since then but I realize all my clients have one thing in common.  My client have families and dreams and if I help them build their business they can have better lives. Wow, that’s a lot of pressure.  Yet, it is so very rewarding to help small business owners as they provide for their families and back to the community.  Much more rewarding than working for a large corporation.

One thing all my clients ask me is the name of my company.  I love boxing and I love frogs and I doodled up a fun logo for it one day, but more complex than that: frogs are considered luck in many cultures and boxing is the sport built on a mentality of stronger, better, faster, smarter so I think that’s the perfect mindset for business: a little luck and a lot of work.